Brendan McDonough

Stretching the boundaries of Americana, Brendan McDonough has found a voice for his eclectic musical roots. Brendan’s do-it-yourself attitude helps him stand out with a diverse blend of talents: singer/songwriter, guitar player/multi-instrumentalist, producer, and audio engineer. Brendan has been strongly influenced by an incredible group of musicians and engineers since helping to found The Midnight Rambles at Levon Helm Studios in 2003.

After playing in many greater NYC area bands since 1993 and touring professionally as a musician and engineer since 2005 Brendan is set to debut his first solo album in 2017. His deep myriad of influences includes early blues and ragtime artists, American folk, rockabilly, early and later rock greats, funk, soul, rocksteady and reggae. Brendan grew up steeped in musical tradition in an Irish immigrant household and was saturated in music from early childhood. His Celtic heritage can be heard woven through all his songwriting.

He has worked on a variety of records including: Levon Helm The Midnight Ramble Sessions Volumes I, II, III, The Black Crowes Before The Frost Until The Freeze, Hot Tuna Steady As She Goes, Catherine Russell Sentimental Streak, The Gourds Old Mad Joy. Since 2015 Brendan has found a home amongst the Veteran community volunteering for the “Guitars For Vets” program.

Brendan is set to release a twelve song release of original songs called “Tonic” August 25, 2017. Longtime collaborators Andrew Shober, Craig Santiago and Ras T Asheber are the backbone of the band. The record reflects the influences he experienced in his years on the road, and includes special guests he worked with during that time. The album is gritty, introspective and moves from somber to rambunctious all while focusing on songwriting. A traveler at heart, the album reflects life on the road searching for the great America Kerouac, Guthrie and Twain all searched for. Numerous guitar tunings, and a colorful musical palate harkens to his older influences with a fresh approach. A tour is in the works to support the release of the new album and shows warming up for the tour will pop up all over the greater NYC area.